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OmniCaaS – Your Complete Communications Platform

On the surface, most UCaaS providers look the same. The difference is in what a provider can “unify.” USAD’s OmniCaaS connects ALL of your business communications applications via our robust suite of powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

OmniCaaS combines legacy and cloud-based business collaboration and integration services via a single unified communications solution to manage voice, video, messaging, conferencing, and more for financial, healthcare and other enterprises.

Our easy-to-use web interface with cutting-edge Know Your Customer (KYC) identification technology easily links you with APIs that transform your customers’ experience, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve business outcomes.

USA Digital is a twenty-plus year leader in business voice and data services. OmniCaaS rides on our reliable, geo-redundant network with extensive global coverage and high-quality voice services.


Improve Your Communications Experience

Seamless API Integration 

  • Integrate with countless key business systems and CRM applications to serve your customers more efficiently 
  • Easily access customer records for better sales and support interactions
  • Integrate with cloud solutions to enhance workplace automation and increase productivity

Security and Compliance

  • Biometric voice analytics protect your critical business data and communications
  • High-level data privacy capabilities with automated security updates to meet regulatory and compliance obligations
  • Easy integration with your existing security infrastructure, saving time, energy and aggravation

Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • Biometric voice technology serves as a “voiceprint” to improve the customer experience and reduce call times 
  • Advanced identification technology that increases customer engagement and operational excellence
  • User identification for online transactions that streamline verification processes to offer real-time results 

Flexibility and Efficiency 

  • OmniCaaS offers high-level communication toolsets to unify and simplify processes; improving productivity and reducing strain on personnel
  • Single Sign-On securely eliminates repetitive authentications to optimize user experience
  • Support multi-locations and have easy access from all of your devices anywhere, anytime

Discover the USAD Difference

Our technology enables businesses to avoid “swivel-chair” operations by combining collaboration services, and more, into a single unified communications solution. 

With OmniCaaS, USAD manages the complexity of business communications and collaboration, so you can focus on your core business objectives.

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