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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Toll Free services better?

We believe our multi-carrier, geo-redundant toll free network provides the best reliability. But there are many more reasons we believe we are better.

Can you provide data services throughout the continental United States?

Yes. We have numerous data partners covering the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and many international locations.

What is SD-WAN? What are the benefits?

SD-WAN is a Software Defined Wide Area Network that empowers clients to manage their own network routing. It is an independent, carrier agnostic overlay that allows enterprises to maximize throughput and utilize under used bandwidth to create a virtual MPLS network.

Do you have a plan to combat robocalling?

Yes, we will fully implement and comply with the STIR/SHAKEN initiative as outlined by the FCC. USA Digital is actively engaged in creating the proper infrastructure and analytics required for each element of the initiative. We are committed to creating an environment which will allow our end users and carrier partners to confidently process legitimate telephone calls and, at the same time, assist in combating fraudulent activity.

Do you have any self-service support tools?

Yes, our customers are provided login credentials to our self-service support tools.

What is Transport Layer Security (TLS) and why is it important?

Credible threats to security and privacy result from hackers obtaining private information through phone calls delivered via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). TLS is security encryption protocol that is a highly effective countermeasure to these threats.

Is the USAD Voice Network PCI and/or HIPAA compliant?

We have configuration options which are fully PCI and HIPAA compliant.

What is the standard delivery interval for DIA circuits?

We offer DIA services across the entire continental United States utilizing a variety of strategic solutions with varying provisioning intervals. But, generally within 30 business days.

What faxing options do you provide?

We have routing options that are specifically built for faxing. We customize our solutions to individual client needs utilizing TDM, T.38, or a Hybrid option.

What are my options to connect to USAD?

Customers can connect to the USAD network via all common SIP protocols, TDM, and other private line connections.

Do inbound and outbound voice services need to be on separate SIP trunks?

No, they don’t have to be. However, there are applications where it may be preferable. Utilize USAD’s free solutions engineering resources to optimally design your network.

What are the benefits of moving towards a SIP environment?

Benefits of migrating to SIP include lower cost, more call routing flexibility, and greater redundancy configurations.

How long has your company been in business?

We have been in business for over 20 years. Since 1998, we have been providing data and voice services to customers and are passionate about our performance.

How does your SMS Text service work?

Our SMS Text service integrates with your API and gives you control over the messaging and the delivery. We support both SMS and MMS.

We are our own RespOrg, will that work with your Toll Free solution?


How do I know if my number is portable?

Call USAD support to confirm your numbers’ portability at (833) 289-8723

What are your hours for support?

USAD support is available 24/7/365.

In what frequency are Call Detail Records (CDRs) provided?

All CDRs are uploaded to the self-service USAD client portal on a daily and monthly basis.

Can my third party billing company access my call detail records?


Can Call Detail Records (CDRs) be downloaded electronically?

Yes. CDRs can be downloaded from the self-service USAD client portal.

Is there a paperless bill option?

Yes, we can provide billing invoices in either paper or electronic formats.

Will you recognize our company’s tax exempt status?

Yes, with submission of proper tax exemption documentation.

Do you allow customers to sign up for automatic payments?

Yes, we can set up auto payments using ACH or any major credit card.

What payment methods are accepted by USA Digital?

We accept payments by check, ACH, wire transfer, and all major credit cards. Customers also have the option to make credit card and e-check payments through the MyUSAD client portal.