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Our Solutions

Trusted by businesses for over 20 years, USAD provides a wide variety of custom crafted commercial enterprise data and voice solutions that deliver unparalleled reliability and responsiveness.

Long Distance Termination

USAD has long distance termination solutions for every business. Our high-quality offerings span the gamut from crystal clear business-to-business calling, to high volume out-bound call center applications, to broadcast voice messaging platforms, and beyond.

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Toll Free

USAD’s multi-carrier, geo-redundant toll-free origination network was built to insure customers make connections with you. Utilize sophisticated toll-free routing tools to get your callers where they need to go. Contact us and ask about our Telephony Denial of Service protection.

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Local Inbound (DID)

Quickly and cost-effectively provide a local presence in most any U.S market and over fifty International countries and territories. Also, you can easily search and order your DIDs from USAD through our online self-service web portal.

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Private Line

From one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many, USAD has a secure private line connection to fit any need. We even create private connections to the cloud! We offer most any connection size and support both TDM and IP protocols.

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Security and other data integrity concerns should not hold you back from fully benefiting from cloud services. USAD's cloud connectivity solutions provide a connection to any major cloud provider with highest performance and security for cloud-based applications.

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Ethernet ​

USAD’s Ethernet services offer one of the best price-to-bandwidth ratios compared to other forms of data connectivity. Seamlessly, reliably and affordably converge your video, voice and data into a single high-speed and secure network.

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Dedicated Internet Access

USAD offers flexible DIA solutions at nearly any speed from nearly any location. Our DIA can be provisioned as a stand-alone offering, or as part of a converged data solution utilizing our reliable private line and Ethernet services. Ask us about our wireless DIA backup options.

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SMS Text

Stay closer to your customers with SMS text messaging. Our two-way short-code and long-code SMS solutions are managed through USAD’s EasyConnectSM API. We offer MMS too. Pair our SMS with our DIDs solutions for added value.

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International toll-fraud continues to rise. Hackers of phone systems have become more sophisticated. That is why our FraudPro resides in our secure network. We monitor and protect in real time. If your system gets attacked, we defend you from costly losses.

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Call DirectorSM

You know your customers’ needs better than anyone. That’s why it's important for you to be in control of how your customers connect with you. Succeeding typically requires flexibility. Why be stuck with static call routing when you can dynamically change as your needs change?

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