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Ethernet ​

How Ethernet Keeps Your Locations Connected, Better

Imagine having your workforce collaborate securely and reliably between multiple locations. Or, having your various outlets send data back to the corporate office on a private network that’s faster than public internet.

Connect users and transmit data faster, farther, better

Ethernet enables users to share resources and deploy multiple applications with optimized performance through one dedicated IP communications network. Its flexibility enables you to configure your system three ways: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint.

Even better, USAD’s robust carrier-grade network is backed by tremendous network availability and the industry’s best data performance service level agreements (SLAs).

Who needs Ethernet?

Ethernet is an ideal communications infrastructure for interconnecting data centers or work groups, or for network segmentation.

Ethernet Infographic

Benefits of Ethernet for Businesses

Businesses and non-profit organizations use Ethernet to drive critical activities that keep operations running smoothly between locations and users. This communications and collaboration solution is scalable and cost effective, with options for redundancy and real-time class of service (CoS).

  • Business continuity – Private internet pipe maintains network connectivity and employee productivity.
  • Disaster planning – Peace of mind and an always-on plan for connecting to critical apps and accessing files.
  • Increase operational efficiencies – Share infrastructure among multiple locations and control your routing.
  • Boost productivity – Facilitate mobile computing with seamless collaboration or instant data sharing.
  • Video conferencing – Connect users from multiple locations with greater speed and ease.
  • Cloud-based VoIP or shared PBX – Cost-effective, flexible voice solutions that provide better customer service and user experience.
  • Secure mobile computing – Remote workers or field staff access and share data safely.
  • Instant access to cloud-based apps – Log on to the most recent versions of your applications.

Ethernet from USAD

USAD’s Ethernet provides bandwidth from 1.5Mbps to GigE using fiber or copper, with low latency and high throughput for your data, voice or video applications ... fully supported by USAD’s 24/7 U.S.-based customer service and superior SLAs. Our written SLAs offer granular, highly prioritized CoS for the best customer experience possible, set by activity, location/user or department; up to six hierarchy options can be configured for each port.

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