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Private Line

Private Lines – The Backbone of Enterprise-wide Connectivity

Today’s MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network), and other Private Line services are the foundation of many enterprises’ distributed and cloud-based service architectures. Private Lines provide an efficient way to connect hundreds or thousands of different locations. It offers numerous advantages for WAN connectivity, including the ability to support site-to-site or any-to-any connectivity used by voice, video, mobile and cloud applications, unified communications, and centralized data storage.

Expand your SaaS, PaaS or IaaS Capabilities

Private Lines are a reliable and scalable method to migrate towards software, platform or infrastructure as a service, to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Enterprise IT managers gain a single, centralized solution for WAN connectivity, eliminating duplicative networks so the organization can focus on its core competencies.

As your trusted partner, USA Digital will help prioritize your various traffic types and enforce the inherent security, class of service and quality of service support—all backed by written SLAs.

Private Lines Infographic

Benefits of Private Lines from USAD

  • With service level agreements that prioritize data, voice and video in a snap, our Private Lines are faster, more flexible, and offer enterprise-grade performance.
  • A virtual private network built on MPLS or SDWAN architectures, or both, make it easier for mobile workers and on-site staff, in multiple departments and many locations, to connect to cloud applications and enterprise resources.
  • Business continuity is maintained with minimal disruption, keeping your operation running and earning revenue when disaster hits or your location’s power is out.
  • User-defined class of service and quality of service means your traffic will always meet your business needs in the moment, thanks to bandwidth flexing and cloud resources.
  • Since voice and data travel over the same network, you reduce costs and equipment requirements.
  • Share files quickly and privately – medical records, financial statements, contracts and customer records.

Private Lines from USAD

USAD offers a scalable, managed IT solution customized for your number of employees, location count, and traffic and data usage. We offer managed router and firewall services, and authentication services that keep your data safe and your systems running. You can easily adjust your bandwidth speeds and configuration options to meet your current and future business needs. Bandwidth sizes range from 1.5 Mbps to GigE.

We can adjust your networking and cloud resources, scaling up bandwidth when it’s needed most. Your users avoid the slow-moving traffic because your apps flow through a virtual server, and route traffic from all your devices and locations directly to your cloud provider.

Contact USA Digital at 833-289-8723 or to learn more.