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Connect2Clouds – Scalable and Secure at Low-Cost

Business decision makers typically understand the benefits cloud computing provides and have a desire to be in the cloud.  However, security and other data integrity concerns about standard internet connections often hold them back.  

USAD solves these problems by providing safe, consistent and totally private connections to cloud providers.

Secure your Connections in the Cloud

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity because it allows businesses access to application software over high-speed internet connections; eliminating the higher cost of premise-based hardware and software. Conducting business over the public internet is rarely suitable where consistent and totally secure throughput is critical–that’s where USAD’s Connect2Clouds is your silver lining.

Expand your network with secure, high-performance connections to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers.


Benefits of Connect2Clouds from USAD

With USAD’s Connect2Clouds, you can access major cloud providers over a private, secure, and high-performance dedicated connection.  Multiple transport options are available including Ethernet, IPVPN, Wave, and Dark Fiber. 

•    Improve business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.
•    Increase performance and security for cloud-based applications.
•    Optimize network and cloud infrastructure investments. 
•    Up to 10 gigabits per second of private cloud connectivity.
•    Ideal performance for large data transfers.

Have locations that won’t justify a dedicated connection?  Marry our Connect2Clouds with our secure SD-WAN and get the best of both worlds.

Connect2Clouds from USAD

Take the benefits your cloud service providers afford you to a whole new level by making your cloud providers an extension of your private network. Direct private connections allow seamless integration of your local infrastructures with your cloud-based applications and data. USAD’s Connect2Clouds yields consistent and cost-effective high performance while significantly reducing security threats. These secure, dedicated connections will help you meet or exceed any compliance requirements you may face.

Discover the USAD Difference

USA Digital offers a robust suite of long distance, voice, and data communications services for small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and local exchange and national telco carriers across the country. USAD’s custom solutions enhance connectivity, communications, and profitability. Our clients also rely on USAD—a leading national interexchange carrier—for our deep expertise in telco provisioning, engineering, implementation and service. From our deep bench of technical and engineering professionals to our vast and reliable network, our array of platforms and cost-saving technology to our superior support … we’re passionate about performance.