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USA Digital Reports Significant Data And Private-line Revenue Growth

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- USA Digital Communications, Inc. has reported a 42% growth rate in Data Services sales through May 2018 over the same period in 2017.

Increasing volumes of data are being transferred among data centers, cloud environments, branch offices and other remote locations. The new applications for data delivery are rapidly outpacing traditional deployments. USA Digital's investments in data infrastructure and support are affordably filling this rising demand.

"We attribute our rapid data revenue growth to our investment in data solutions capabilities that deliver multiple performance and cost benefits, no matter what type of data infrastructure our customers currently have in place," said Mike Sturdivan, CFO at USAD. "Although we are a high-value voice provider, our ability to create customized data solutions sets us apart as a full-service communications provider."

USAD data solutions increase network agility and reliability by combining and utilizing the bandwidths of multiple providers to any location, nationwide. These offerings can improve security and help detect network attacks more quickly and effectively. Performance improvements can come from better transport options, intelligent pathway controls, and customized data prioritization. USAD data services can reduce costs by eliminating idle backup links, maximizing existing bandwidth, or replacing existing facilities with more cost-effective alternatives.

Data sales also increased due to USAD's distinctive TDM to SIP migration capabilities. USAD is unique in its ability to replace customers' existing TDM networks with more cost-effectively deployed TDM services and guide its customers through the conversion to SIP. In addition, USAD can deliver hybrid TDM and SIP solutions. These diverse solution proficiencies create options and enhanced levels of customer control that reduce conversion costs and downtime risks.