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Long Distance Termination

Commercial enterprise long distance at the best price. USA Digital makes sure calls not only complete but that they do so cost effectively. We offer long distance services on a session initiation protocol (SIP) or a circuit switched (TDM) platform for U.S.-originated 1+ outbound calls. T.38 protocol supports Fax over IP (FoIP). USAD delivers business communication solutions that offer high performance voice quality.

Benefits of choosing USAD long distance service:

  • Worldwide network – Make global connections with our high quality, low cost domestic and international calling.
  • Completion routing – Our intelligent call routing ensures call completion that meets or exceeds FCC requirements.
  • Migration planning – Gain flexibility and control by safely and cost-effectively migrating from TDM to VoIP.
  • Business continuity – Ensure your continuous communications via our multi-carrier, geo-redundant network.
  • Privacy protection – Secure your phone calls and protect personal information with our VPN or TLS encryption options.

Long Distance Termination with USAD

USAD offers the best in class with its long-distance termination solutions. We offer the perfect solution for you with our flexible and customizable features and our competitive pricing. We keep your phone calls secure and protect your personal information with our state-of-the-art encryption options ensuring that you never have to worry about privacy. From routing options to call types you can trust USAD’s solutions are the best on the market.

Contact USA Digital at 833-289-8723 or to learn more.