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USA Digital Expands Network

Growth inspires significant network expansion

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- USA Digital Communications, Inc. announced today it has completed large-scale expansions of its networks in Las Vegas, Dallas and Tulsa.

This expansion strengthens USAD's TDM infrastructure; meeting increasing demand from customers who rely on quality and security.

Time Division Multiplexing technology has been a core telecommunications infrastructure technology for decades. It's delivered over a physical circuit connection; providing the most secure, capacity-controlled and highest quality voice services. VoIP has become a prevalent alternative and most providers are not expanding their TDM networks. Most of the newer providers have none of it in their networks.

"We continually upgrade and expand our VoIP and TDM capabilities," said Richard Costello, CEO at USAD. "We find ourselves unique in the robustness of both networks. Most of our contemporaries focus exclusively on VoIP networks. We strongly believe our ability to design customer solutions using either TDM or VoIP, or in many cases, a seamless combination of both, provides our customers the best quality, security, redundancy and cost. I believe that is a key component of our growth. As others diminish their TDM capacity, we are expanding it.  We recognize there remains a strong need to offer solutions via this technology."

There are many reasons why TDM remains an attractive solution. Applications that require superb sound quality or rely upon the utilization of DTMF tones experience better results over TDM.  Modem, alarm-line, IVR and fax transmissions are well suited for TDM. Data transmission is also more secure because of the closed, physical connection used in a TDM implementation. The availability of a TDM network also reduces the need for a 'rip and replace' of technology to convert to VoIP.