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Call DirectorSM

Call Director - On-demand, customized call handling at your fingertips

USA Digital’s Call Director gives you ad hoc call routing control of your toll-free or DID calls. Using the convenient online portal, you control the rules, schedules, and destination routing. You have the ability to direct your calls to any on-net trunks, off-net destinations, or international numbers.

Benefits of USAD’s Call Director:

Call Director makes it easier than ever to automatically qualify, queue, and distribute your calls to the right destination. Streamline your communication while improving your business continuity and efficiency with USAD's Call Director custom call routing benefits.

Call Director routing service allows you to:

  • Change your business call routing in real time
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Manage multiple call rules
  • No CapEx or special equipment required

Call Routing with USAD and Call Director

Control and optimize your Toll Free and DID call routing capabilities with USAD’s Call Director. We offer you the flexibility to manage multiple calls, maintain your business continuity and change your call routing in real-time. All with the equipment you already have, and with no additional CapEx. Do this all through our convenient online portal where you have control of the rules, schedules and destination routing. USAD’s Call Director gives you the flexibility to succeed.

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